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Not necessarily and right here I’m talking about eating disorders such as ana/mia. Try telling a recovering ana that it’s easy to put on weight coz their bodies are now wired to store fats - people that are desperate to gain weight. It doesn’t happen. They’d tell you to get fuckec



When people try and tell others the less you eat/ more disordered your eating habits the more weight you’ll put on. It’s a load of shit, it’s scare tactics for ill people and it’s not cool. It’s a fucking known fact that if you don’t eat you’ll drop weight, simple as that.

That’s idiotic. You know nothing of science.

That was idiotic and I know nothing of science? Yeah you’re right man, totally. Because you can’t lose substantial amounts of weight from not eating/drastically changing diet. Are you the worlds best scientist coz it truly seems like you are.

I’m getting really sick and stressed out my psoriasis is going crazy and I’m getting acne and I just wanna sleep for a few days


She’s Lost Control Joy Division

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